How can I prevent the delivery company from requiring a signature for my deliveries?

Not all deliveries require signatures, but some do. The delivery companies such as UPS, DHL, and FexEx have a form on their websites that allow you opt-out of the signature requirement.

If I rent the apartment where I live can I still install Talkey?

Yes! Talkey is a universal handset that replaces the handset currently in your apartment. The neighbors are unaffected by your use of the Talkey handset. Keep your old handset around so that you can put it back before you move out. You can bring Talkey with you to your next apartment.

Do I need permits or to ask my neighbors?

No, Talkey only upgrades your intercom handset. It has no effect on the neighbors, and does not require permits.

Do my normal keys still work?

Yes, your keys still work. Nothing is changed on your building, so of course your keys still work for you and your neighbors.

Do I need to change the doorbell, wiring, locks, or anything?

No, certainly not! Talkey only replaces your intercom handset in your apartment. Nothing is changed for your building or your neighbors.

What if my building doesn't have a front door buzzer?

If the handset in your apartment already has a button that buzzes the front door open, then Talkey can be installed. But if there is no such system in your building already then Talkey can not be used.