Talkey is the universal handset that upgrades your intercom

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free voice calls

Talkey calls your mobile phone over the Internet by connecting to WiFi in your apartment. You don't need to purchase any service for Talkey. The calls route directly from Talkey to your mobile phone with no third parties in between. This is similar to Internet voice apps such as WhatsApp or Signal.

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high quality sound

Talkey works as a speaker phone which is made possible by a powerful echo cancellation software engine. It boasts an array of three microphones that use beamforming technology and enhanced noise cancellation to achieve far-field voice capture. It's speaker is driven by a clean integrated power amplifier. Even if the intercom system in your building is old you've never heard it sound this good!

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Intuitive interface

On the wall Talkey has all the features you expect. The large buttons, for talking to the visitor outside and unlocking the front door, have a satisfying feel. The LED light bar glows when the doorbell is pressed, and indicates when a voice conversation is connected. The cloth speaker cover completes the ensemble for a modern appearance that looks smart with any home decor.

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Easy Install

You can install Talkey yourself in about 10 minutes. A small screw driver is included to remove your old handset. Our mobile app guides you through the steps of removing the old handset and connecting the wires to Talkey. No prior knowledge is needed. Intercoms are low power devices and safe to work with.

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The latest security and encryption is always running on your Talkey. We ensure this by continually pushing all the latest Linux security updates. Talkey has a powerful quad core processor so it's more than capable of running a full Linux security stack. This same software protects Fortune 500 companies world wide. The voice communications are always encrypted with military grade encryption. 

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