take your intercom with you


The smart apartment intercom

Keyless entry - deliveries anytime





Talkey replaces only the handset in your apartment

your neighbors don't need a thing


No changes to your building

works with any doorbell, old or new


for my AirBnB business...


keyless entry - remote check-in

Keep your AirBnB guests satisfied and stop them from bothering neighbors. Talkey gives them instant keyless entry to the apartment building upon arrival. Guests can talk directly from the building's doorbell to you or your rental management team.



For my own apartment...


Deliveries IN Your building - any carrier

As far as the delivery person knows... you're at home, even when you're away. Talk to the delivery person and buzz them in to them leave your package safely inside the building's front door. No more missed deliveries or trips to obscurely located drop-off points.


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